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July 22, 2014 - target _employee_not_for_long. MyTime-> “For the Team Members ”.
Time Target Online rosters Online timesheets Zeus Online - Rosters, Timesheets, Clocking & Personal Details. Different businesses have different needs and when.
Cons. Work/Life Balance 50+ hour work weeks, while advancement is possible - Target is very "selective" on who they promote. Someone who deserves a promotion will not.

Target my time - way

These issues are company-wide. You can see why having a tool like TimeTarget Zeus Online makes managing staff so much easier. We have a winner!. We do not perform any HR related services, or affect any internal information regarding Target. From what I was told by my STL the main reason myTime was implemented was because certain stores were spending way too much on payroll. The higher-ups are expecting all of us to get the same or greater amount of work done with less hours now, which is completely nonsensical. Not to mention flow team usually has the sales floor littered with garbage and cardboard for the first few hours the store is open. They would only escalate those messages to us on Monday for the schedule we were writing that Thursday Tuesday was the day it auto-denied if no action was made by close of business day. Log in or Sign up. You must log in or sign up to reply here. We also now only have two softlines team members after seven pm, target my time, which means we are guaranteed not to get anything done and the LOD will flip target my time on us. My Epic Fail at Target